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Finding and Buying Silver Charms

Charm bracelets have long been a great gift for finicky people. The fact that they have so many different types of baubles and bracelets makes them perfect for hard to shop for loved ones and friends. Finding silver charms is easy and fun. The best place to get silver charms in definitely a jewelry or fine department store. Buying in a department or jewelry store ensures that they are of the finest quality and certainly sterling silver. If you buy them from another place, you may or may not be getting real sterling charms. The average price for a charm depending on size, material, designer, and intricacy is anywhere from $10- $30. If you choose to buy designer pieces, you may pay much more than the prices listed.

You can also find them at flea markets or consignment stores on occasion for much less than traditional retail prices. If you do this, however you need to be aware that the charms may not be sterling silver. Another place that you can find tons of great baubles is the internet. If you do not want to shop at the retail stores, they often have websites through which you can purchase great pieces. With the internet, you can generally get a good deal on charms and charm bracelets because there are tons of wholesale and bulk retailers. One problem with buying over the internet is that you cannot see the item in person before you buy them. This is not always a bad thing though if you are buying from a reputable source. Buying charms second hand is not a horrible idea. You can sometimes find them on auction websites for a fraction of traditional prices and you can find pieces that may not be sold in stores anymore.

When buying silver charms it is important to think about the person for whom you are buying it. Not only should you consider their interests but also their age and what forces may come in contact with a charm bracelet. For instance, young children may choke on or lose pieces while an older child may cherish them. When you choose a charm think of what it may be exposed to, if it may be thrown around a lot or have every day use you may want to choose a charm with less detail so it will not be as delicate. Silver charms are a great addition to any jewelry collection and are fun and easy items for which to shop.

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